Academy Athletes Participate in High Performance Programs

Academy Volleyball would like to congratulate it's athletes who recently competed in USA Volleyball's High Performance Championships in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Every year, USA Volleyball runs this tournament for players in their High Performance pipeline as well as high performance teams created by the different USA Volleyball regions from around the country.  The USA Volleyball High Perforamance and GEVA High Performance program gives athletes the opportunity to play at a high level, among the best players in the country.

Academy Volleyball is pleased to present the following athletes who competed at the High Performance Championships:


USA Volleyball Youth A1

  • Trey Cole, Boys 17 Red

GEVA High Performance

  • Will Kropp, Boys 18 White
  • Jack Driscoll, Boys 17 Red
  • Andrew Watts, Boys 17 Red
  • Ben Naouai, Boys 17 Red
  • Josh George, Boys 17 Red
  • AJ Fitzgerald, Boys 16 Red


GEVA High Performance

  • Caroline LaMacchia, Girls 17 Red
  • Molly Jandris, Girls 17 Red
  • Sally Tietjen, Girls 15 Red
  • Amanda Dewitt, Girls 15 Red
  • Faith LaMacchia, Girls 15 Red
  • Kasey Tietjen, Girls 14 Red
  • Alexis Stoehrer, Girls 14 Red
  • JC Stein, Girls 14 Red
  • Carley McAleavey, Girls 13 Red


USA/GEVA BeachVolleyball

Academy Volleyball would also like to recognize the following athletes for their accomplishments on the beach:

  • Hannah Naja (Girls 15 Red) made the GEVA HP Beach team (she and her partner also earned a bid to nationals in 16U to Siesta Key).
  • Grace Rosenberg (Girls 17 Red) and Kathleen Doherty (Girls 18 White North) won First Place in 18U Girls and a bid to Nationals in Siesta Key, Florida.
  • John Curaro (Boys 16 Red) and Tim Darress (Boys 16 Red) recently competed in the Beach National Championships in Siesta Key, Florida.