Academy Girls 18 Red and 18 Advance to USA Volleyball National Championship Tournament.

For the first time in it’s history, Academy Volleyball will send two 18-year old teams to the USA Volleyball National Championships.

Over this past weekend, the 18 Red and 18 White North teams competed in GEVA’s Bid tournament, which is the only GEVA tournament where teams can earn a bid to USA Volleyball’s National Championships.   

To give you some background on the format of the tournament:

  • Only eight teams from the GEVA region qualify for this tournament 
  • All eight teams start pool play - winners advance and the losing teams drop to an alternate bracket, where they continue to play (in playoff bracket format).  
  • The winning team in the alternate bracket still has a chance to compete for a bid-to the USA Volleyball National Championships as they play a final match against the winning team from the main bracket.

In the opening round of pool play in the main bracket, the Girls 18 Red team defeated CHVBC 18 Black, while the Girls 18 White North defeated Princeton 18-1 National.   Both of their victories set up a semi-final match between both Academy Girls 18s teams against each other.

In the sibling rivalry semi-final match, the 18 White North team came out on top.  The 18 White North advanced in the main bracket, while the 18 Red moved over to the alternate.  In the main bracket, the 18 White North team fell in the finals to VB Rags.  At the same time, the 18 Red team advanced in the alternate bracket.


As the 18 Red team came out of the alternate bracket, the faced VB Rags in the finals - and defeated them.  However, as that win gave VB Rags their first loss of the tournament, the teams had to play a one-set double final match, which the Girls 18 Red also won. 

With a first and third-place finish respectively, both the Girls 18 Red and 18 White North team have earned bids to the USA Volleyball National Championship Tournament.  The 18 White North team will compete in the American Division and the 18 Red will compete in the National Division.

The Girls 18-Year-Old USA Volleyball National National Championship tournament will be held April 27-19th in Anaheim California.  Congratulations and good luck to the 18 Red and 18 White North teams as they move on to the National Championships!