Virginia is for Ballers!

May 30, 2017, Richmond VA -  On Memorial Day weekend, the Academy Boys teams traveled to Richmond, Virginia to compete in the East Coast Championships.  The tournament was full of excitement as the newly-formed 14 Red team got their first taste of tournament action, the 18 Red team closed out their club careers, and in between there was plenty of non-stop action!  The tournament featured three Academy teams who advanced to the Gold bracket – with the 16s winning the championship!  Read on.

14 Red

Academy Volleyball is excited to welcome the new 14 Red team to their first-ever tournament.  This team was formed following Academy’s Boys Middle School Clinic & Tournament.  

Having only practiced a few weeks together, we’re happy to see them out there and having fun. They faced established clubs such as Coastal and MVC.

They earned a pair of wins over LIVBC 14 White – but most importantly were able to experience the competition and fun of participating in a tournament – welcome to volleyball boys!


Both the 15 Red and 15 White team competed in this tournament.  The 15 White team played in a tough, 4-team pool on the first day.  At the end of the first day, they were tied with three other clubs at a 1-2 record.  This forced a play-in match to determine pools for the second day, which they dropped to LVC Black (a team they had picked up a win over earlier in the day).  

On the second day of pool play, the boys went 2-1 as they picked up wins over Plainview and RVC.  This set them up for the Bronze playoff bracket on the last day of the tournament.  In the Bronze, they defeated the LVC Black team in the semi-finals before falling to BRYC in the Bronze finals.  The boys finished the tournament 10th overall.

The 15 Red team had one shot left to earn a bid to Nationals – and they were determined to do so right from the start.  The first day of pool play featured wins over RVC and RCVC as the boys went 2-1, dropping a match to cross-town rivals LIVBC.    

On the second day, the boys made their run as they once again went 2-1, picking up wins over Warren Sixpak and Sportime – and dropping a match to A-10.  

The boys record of 4-2 over the first two days of the tournament earned them a spot in the Gold playoff bracket – and that elusive bid to the BJNC!  The boys dropped their semi-final match to Pace in the Gold bracket, and finished the tournament tied for 3rd place overall.

16 Red

The 16s came out of the gate fast – and never looked back as they went a perfect 9-0 at the tournament!  During the opening day of pool play the boys defeated RVC, Top Select 16, and Coastal Navy all in straight sets.  During the second day of pool play, the boys defeated Orlando Gold, TVP, and Warren Sixpak – dropping only one set to Orlando.  With a 6-0 record after two days, the boys qualified for the Gold playoff bracket.  

In the Gold playoff bracket, they boys took nothing for granted as they worked harder than ever to pick up wins over Warren Sixpak, RVC, and Pace – all in straight sets – for the tournament championship!  Their performance was as dominant an Academy boys team had so far this season. Congratulations to the boys 16 Red on your tournament victory.


All three 17s teams participated in this tournament. The 17s division is always one of the toughest divisions to play in during the club season as there is so much competition.  The 17 Blue team felt it on the first day of the tournament as they went 0-3 in pool play.  However they bounced back strong on the second day as they went 2-1 in pool play as they picked up wins over Sportime and FIMOJO.  The boys qualified for the playoffs on the third day of the tournament where they fell in the first round to Coastal 17 Gold.

The 17 White team had a rough first day of the tournament as they dropped their matches during the opening round of pool play. The boys bounced back on the second day as they went 2-1, picking up wins over JJVA and Coastal Hampton Roads.  In the playoff round, the boys faced Warren Sixpak R1 in the first round and picked up a three-set victory (25-20,22-25,15-11).  With that win, the boys advanced to their playoff bracket finals, where the fell to Coastal 17 Gold in three sets (24-26,25-18,15-12).

The 17 Red team opened the tournament with three straight wins over RVC, FIMOJO, and Sportime respectively – all in two straight sets.

The second day brought more success for the 17 Red as they once again swept their pool, defeating LVC, MVC, and Pace.  

After the first two days of the tournament, the boys were 6-0 and headed to the Gold playoff bracket.  

In the Gold bracket, the boys faced Warren Sixpak in the first round where they fell in two sets.  Overall, the boys tied for 5th place out of 29 teams.

18 Red

The 18 Red opened the tournament going 1-2 during the first day of pool play, picking up a win over Coastal 18 Gold.  

During the second day of pool play the 18 Red went 3-0, picking up wins over RVC, Triangle, and SERV – all in two straight sets!  


In their playoff bracket, the boys faced Texas Permier in the first round and defeated them in two straight sets (26-24,25-19).  From there they advanced to the playoff finals against GSA, which they won in three sets (24-26,25-11,15-11).  

For the 18 Red, this tournament will be the final tournament of their club careers.  All of us at Academy Volleyball would like to thank them for their dedication and passion – and wish these young men much success on their future endeavors.