Head Coach:   Rick Cole
Assistant Coach:  Christian Smith, Nick Laffin, & Steve Woessner

# Name High School Commit
11 Jack Driscoll Sachem North Penn State
19 Aj Fitzgerald Sachem north undecided
3 Trey Cole Connetquot Pepperdine
8 Joshua George Ward Melville Stony Brook University
2 William Kropp Eastport South Manor University of Delaware
33 Benjamin Naouai Long Beach undecided
17 Dominick Pikura Lindenhurst St. Francis College
15 James Ruggiero Eastport South Manor Virginia Tech
14 Andrew Watts Northport Penn State
4 Matthew Wertheim Smithtown East Northeastern University
12 Patrick Wing Massapequa SUNY New Paltz
10 Jared Zwycewicz Ward Melville University of Michigan

Below are the tournaments that Academy Volleyball is committed to attend. Please click on the tournaments listed in RED for more information: